Richard CampagnaRichard Campagna is a multi-disciplinary professional with a long and distinguished record in public and community service. He is also an international attorney and businessman, university instructor, and counselor.

His non-traditional approach to personal, professional and political discourse and achievement is best described as “optimistic existentialism” with a libertarian twist. Learn more about Campagna.

Updates for Summer/Fall of 2014

Also, symbolic trinket distribution is soaring, particularly the sequins rings and cheesehead erasers. For undergraduate and grad /professional school applicants, my advice and guidance costs next to nothing…and in many cases, nothing at all. Please consider the vast array of certificate programs in many disciplines available all over the country and the world….oftentimes completely on line. What a difference a generation makes. What a difference a decade makes in education and in virtually all other aspects of life.

In “existential retirement” I have been focusing virtually exclusively on individual and couples counseling as opposed to the seminar or group format. It appears to be much more efficient, effective and enjoyable for all involved. Having so much fun and according to the feedback, so are the counselees. Contact points all remain the same. Peace!

Will not be doing the YELP speech in SCV as indicated below, but will be doing same in various locations throughout the midwest and abroad. For very reasonable and flexible terms,virtually cost free, please contact Richard via e-mail. As indicated in the linked website, these presentations/sessions are very low key, simple and fun and relaxing for all involved.

The yelp trinkets which are distributed during the presentations have proven to be enormously successful!!!

As a consequence of the below-menioned birthday bash, I have conceived a speech/presentation I will denominate “The YELP Speech.” It is short, under-stated, has minimal props and is very spontaneous. It covers all aspects of existential counseling and college/career advising and I am pleased to offer this. I will be kicking off this program on Oct. 5, 2012 in The St. Croix Valley, MN/WI. If you are interested in learning more about the contents of the above and terms and conditions under which I can present same to your group, please contact me at any of the contact numbers posted on this site. Look forward to yelping!
If you will be in or near Iowa City on Cinco de Mayo 2012 contact Richard – I will be hosting a birthday bash/existential jamboree in my current home town. We’ve been here for about 22 years and still love it.

At same low and flexible rates ($50 per hour + costs), I am adding the consulting/advising service of “Unemployment and Retirement Counseling” from the existential perspective. These tips and techniques have helped me weather the storms as well as enjoy the clear sailing.

Despite the hectic nature of the holidays and the campaign, especially in Iowa, I am finding that counseling, consulting and occasional seminars are relaxing and appear to be mutually beneficial to all involved. I am existentially optimistic for 2012, at least in the personal, psychological and philosophical realms. Happy holidays to all. Hope to hear from you.

What I find most incredible is how counter-intuitive and non-traditional approaches are rapidly taking over all aspects of life and society.

For example, for years I had written books and articles and attempted to sell them through book talks and speaking engagements. However, just recently it dawned upon me that the books were getting in the way of my message and my business plan. My audiences found that my books were self-centered and apparently they didn’t like the openness about personal transgressions. What people do seem to clamor for is an explanation of the “optimistic, spiritual existential philosophy” and how it would work in their own lives. What my audiences seem to also like are the four or five symbolic trinkets which explain how the afore-mentioned philosophy applies to their personal, matrimonial, philosophical, religious and professional lives. The audiences also appreciate symbolic symbolic shots of sambucca during the speeches and the intellectual openness with which the philosophy is presented. The book(s) have now been relegated to the back burner and if people really would like to order same, I can make arrangements. The group presentations are currently being negotiated on a “cost-plus” basis. Contact us to arrange bookings. We are open as of March of 2012.

Richard will be expanding his above-referenced practice, meshing, personal, professional and philosophical consultation. This unique multi-disciplinary approach has had proven results. Hourly rate is $30.00. By appointment only. After the first hour, billing in increments of 15 minutes. Iowa City area. If consultation is required outside of home base, travel, food and lodging costs will be reimbursed. I look forward to hearing from you.

I reiterate the message below. Who knows how many more of these I will do? I am taking a very personal, professional and philosophical approach to this seminar. I am told we already have the minimum number of attendees for this symposium to occur…so I am extremely upbeat for excellent registration roster and an inspirational bunch of guest speakers. More to follow.

I am very excited about the following week long events at Lawrence University’s seminar which I will be hosting with guest speakers entitled: “What Can the U.S. Learn From The Cuban Experience?” This will occur between Aug 28 and Sept 2, 2011. Please contact Richard via our contact points for all of the details. I will be mixing a Cuban travelogue with an existential philosophical but non-political approach to analyzing contemporary Cuba.

Please note that the two Cuban related events depicted below have been changed as follows: Friday, January 28, dinner and Saturday, January 29(noon to 2 pm)

Am hereby announcing two culinary events, integrating the Cuban experience with culinary delights.

Firstly, in Washington Iowa on Dec. 10 and 11 (Fri and Sat) I will be “guest chef” and speaker on the “Cuban Experience” and a bit about existential philosophy. I am not know for my cooking skills, but will definitely be able to provide incredible recipes and the wonderful chefs at Cafe Dodici will make it happen. I will speak about the above-mentioned themes at these events. Will keep you posted with final details as the dates approach.

Also, a similar week-long extravaganza will occur at Bjorklunden, in Bailey’s Harbor, Wisconsin (Door County) from Aug 28-Sept 2. Events here are always a fantastic experience and I refer you to Bjorklunden/Lawrence University- Appleton, Wisconsin’s website for more details.

Feel free to check with me as well.

This event, which begins at 10:00 am at San Damiano Hall on the campus of University of St. Francis (603 Taylor Street, 3rd Floor, Joliet, IL 60435) will be a unique, eclectic, once-in-a-lifetime experience. There is no cost to attend.
Complimentary coffee and danish will be served for breakfast, lunch is on your own and a wine/cheese reception (cash bar) will be held from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm at which time the event will conclude. During the reception, Richard will talk about his recent books, offering them for sale and autographing same. This will include the newest publication which will be hot off the presses, “Beyond Ideology- The Genesis of An Existential Libertarian.”

This will be a mix of a film festival, rock concert and literary convention. Philosophy and politics will be discussed as well. For more details, please contact Richard directly at: or by phone 319-339-0252

Alternatively, if you wish to purchase the above-mentioned books which will be the topic of conversation, please do so from this site. Also, you may view the following films privately: Network, The Heartbreak Kid (original with Charles Grodin, Eddie Albert)and I Heart Huckabee’s. Also, please listen to and analyze the following CDs: Bob Dylan and The Band/ Before The Flood and “The Concert for New York ” with Billy Joel, The Who, Elton John, James Taylor, Adam Sandler and more. Then, either before or after this event, feel free to exchange ideas and reactions with Richard, through the above-mentioned contact points.

Peace, liberty, frienship

The event was rather poorly attended, but ironically, substantively, in my view, was the best ever in terms of the quality of participation of the attendees and the interacations amongst us. Undaunted, I will continue to carry on with this important message.

Next up, “Existentialism, Libertarianism and Judicial Realism” in Wisconsin Dells, WI on Saturday, April 18, 2009. Please contact me for details.

Continuing to tour the country (and the world) interacting with small groups with regard to the above-mentioned themes. It seems that such are resonating with people, once they have the opportunity to understand the philosophy, especially through films, rock music, literature and personal discussion with intellectual honesty.

Upcoming events: Oct 4, 2009 (Riverside, California and greater Los Angeles area during that weekend) and other events in the fall of 2009 at University of Iowa in Iowa City and at Cafe Dodici in Washington, IA, in winter of 2010. JUST CONFIRMED, 5 DE MAYO (2010) BASH IN IOWA CITY (ALSO RICHARD’S BIRTHDAY) 4-8 PM WITH MULTI-CULTURAL CUISINE AND ON APRIL 2, 2010 IN LARCHMONT NY, AN EVENT INAUGURATING THE BOOK, BEYOND IDEOLOGY- THE GENESIS OF AN OPTIMISTIC EXISTENTIALIST- Contact Richard or Odalys for details as these events develop.

Also, please contact our organization if you are interested in acquiring either or both of the following books:
“Let “Re-Storing The Heart of America” by Cleveland & Noyes

Finally, check out Richard’s speech from April’s Libertarian Party of Wisconsin convention held in Wisconsin Dells. The title of the presentation is” Existentialism, Libertarianism and Judicial Realism.”

See the Website indicated below:

Website of The Cepia Club:

It’s a new year and I’m excited to announce publication of my new book, “Beyond Ideology- The Genesis of An Optimistic Existentialist”

Will be doing events, in traditional low key fashion in Iowa City (on my birthday, May 5,2010 aka Cinco de Mayo), Washington, IA (date and venue to be announced), NYC (TBA), Larchmont (Friday evening April 2, 2010, Chicago (Friday evening, April 9, venue to be determined), St. Croix Valley Wisconsin (February 19 & 20, 2010, venue to be determined) and Los Angeles (on or about June 15, 2010, venues to be announced . Please call Richard or Odalys if you’d like details on any of the above-mentioned events OR to arrange one in your city. Continuing national and int’l travel, consulting, in all areas of expertise…..

Contact Richard or Odalys for our Cinco de Mayo bash in Iowa City at which “Beyond Ideology” will be released; multi-ethnic appetizers, musical interludes from the 60s and 70s and much more

Very relexing speeches, presentations and seminars regarding newest and perhaps last book “Beyond Ideology- The Genesis of An Optimistic Existentialist,” as well as on themes of existential philosophy, libertarianism and judicial realism. Contact Richard or Odalys for dates in the Twin Cities, New York City and perhaps Philadelphia. All contact information is still the same

In the News

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