Beyond Ideology: The Genesis of an Existential Libertarian

Beyond Ideology

This is a highly entertaining yet unorthodox re-creation of the life of Richard V. Campagna, in other words, “the genesis of an optimistic, spiritual, existential libertarian.”

Campagna and co-authors Sarah M. Haaf and Elizabeth Eve Gotsdiner have produced a unique political biography which captures the story of a self-described “nice Jewish/Italian boy from Brooklyn” as he travels around the world, relocates to the Iowa heartland and transforms from a Democrat to a Republican and then to a Libertarian. Also depicted are Campagna’s campaigns for Lieutenant Governor of Iowa as well as his campaign in 2004 for the second highest office in the land – the Vice Presidency of the United States.

Price: $20 + postage and handling for an autographed copy. Add $5 for a hardcover edition.