Existential Cheesehead

The “Existential Cheesehead” is a symbolic eraser, looking like a chunk of Swiss cheese, which seems to have caught on in the popular culture. The concept was conceived by Dirk Vorenkamp of Lawrence University who endeavored to explain “Buddhist” and “existential” approaches to an audience of parents of Lawrence University students.

His point was that “packing up the minivan with a full cooler of beer…and having the whole family don “cheesehead” hats while they get drunk shout obscenities and root for the Packers is a ‘prepackaged’ way of life…but in the long run will always be disappointing. It will not enhance the experimental, existential spiritual dynamics of human existence; in essence it is the opposite of optimistic spiritual existentialism.

For this reason, in my lectures, seminars, book signing sessions and the like, I have been autographing these symbolic “cheeseheads” as reminders to students and aficionados of existential philosophy and practice that the opposite of an “existential, spiritual approach to life” is a “cheesehead” weekend at a Green Bay Packers game….and all the appurtenances relating to the same.